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Watch a selection of events about sepsis:


"One Global Health Threat: Sepsis, Pandemics, and Antimicrobial Resistance"
Global Sepsis Alliance
April 25-26, 2023

"European Sepsis Alliance 6th Annual Meeting"
European Sepsis Alliance
March 21, 2023


"Post-Sepsis and Covid-19: Lessons learned"
Sepsis Canada
September 29, 2022

"Sepsis management, an indicator of quality of care in Europe"
European Sepsis Alliance
September 20, 2022

"Making Sepsis a National and Global Health Priority"
Global Sepsis Alliance & Sepsis Stiftung
September 16, 2022

"Sepsis, quand le laboratoire passe à la vitesse supérieure !" (in French)

Les Biologistes Médicaux & BioMérieux
September 13, 2022

"Novel Therapeutic and Diagnostic Approaches for COVID-19 and Sepsis"
Global Sepsis Alliance
April 27, 2022


"Combating sepsis: Global and national strategies"
World Health Summit
October 24, 2021

"Advancing Prevention, Survival, and Survivorship of Sepsis and COVID-19"
Global Sepsis Alliance
April 21-22, 2021