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WP1 : Plateforme d'essais cliniques

Leader : Pr Lamiae Grimaldi - Co-leader : Pr Sylvie Chevret

Partenaire : AP-HP


The aim of WP1 is to set up the first Adaptive Platform trial (APT) for sepsis in Europe, in order to facilitate the conduct of clinical trials in this field. Experimental arms will be based on hemodynamic, renal, metabolic or immune reference signatures identified through the exploitation of existing cohorts, and on future developments as more patients are recruited into the APT. We will leverage our considerable experience with past and ongoing trials in sepsis and the Records RHU to conceive and establish a common Master protocol and a Master CRF as well as Specific Protocol Appendices for each trial domains. Our targeted trial will focus on hemodynamic, renal, metabolic and immune domains. WP1 will help identify patient profiles that will favor personalized care for sepsis in the future.